Vote For Me

I’m competing for a chance to win some paid gigs in Vegas and Tahoe via The Improv Up Yours contest. To vote for me, please cut and paste the URL above, then click on the button that says “VOTE” right below the lovely headshot of my disturbingly pasty visage. Thank you kindly, person who is reading this accidentally.

Hey, I’m on iTunes


One of my sets from the 2011 Laughing Skull Comedy Festival is now for sale on iTunes, and apparently I get a little bit of financial kickback every time someone purchases it or it gets played on satellite radio. So if anyone has the time, buy a copy (only $0.99), write a glowing review and request me Sirius/XM by emailing with your name in the Subject line or by calling 866-4-RAWDOG, it would be a good thing for me.